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We manufacture PU leather labels, genuine leather labels and synthetic leather labels, there can be print, hot press and embroider you LOGO on.

Special treatments and tanning allow our leathers to be washed in water with a minimum shrinkage, without spotting or fading and without bleeding.

Leather does a better job when treated perfectly as our one, being suitable for garments that must be home-washed.

Chrome tanned leathers are desirable because of their high performances.

Finishings are unlimited and provide a very rich and distinctive look to our labels whether we are talking about a pull-up type leather or a greasy wax type.

Tough enough for resisting a life time, comfortable enough to follow the pant/jeans as a second skin, durable yet soft. The deep richness after treatments with oils, waxes and dyes give to the leather a mark of high quality, it will age nicely.


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