21. January
- by M. Arduini

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Fashion meets the environment.

With a view to a modern ethics of environmental sustainability, Polsan researches and develops innovative production techniques that reduce the waste of water and energy to the maximum, thanks to the abolition of chemical products.

The ECO FINISHING line is born, able to perfectly combine the current fashion trends with the necessary and due respect for the environment.

The Eco buttons have been made with eco-compatible materials, such as water-based paints with natural pigments that do not need to be disposed of through purification plants. Completely eliminating the production phase of the galvanic bath, Polsan obtains the color by treating the raw surface of the raw material, with exclusively natural products.


Proud of the path taken, our company is so sure of offering a notable contribution both to the commercial and aesthetic needs of the fashion-market, and to the diffusion of a culture of attention to the environment and to personal health.

Sabatino Talucci
/Chemical engineer

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